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Our concerts are normally held at the Middleburg United Methodist Church -- a beautiful ante-bellum church in the very center of Middleburg surrounded by a beautiful garden. Located at the corner of Washington St. (Route 50) and Pendleton Street, the Church dates from 1859 and was used as a hospital by both sides during the Civil War. The sanctuary, with seating for more than 200 persons, has near-perfect acoustics for musical performances. There is a state-of-the-art organ installed four years ago, as well as the finest of pianos: a 1928 Steinway Model A3, with the original sounding board and keys.  The Model A3 is the smallest of the concert grand pianos and has an ideal sound for the church's size; it is unsurpassed both for bringing out the beauty of Chopin Nocturnes and for accompanying vocalists.  

Larger concerts may be held at alternate venues, which will be announced here on our website as needed.

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